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Business Essentials: What's a Social Media Content Calendar and Why You Need One

Brielle Merchant

Babes, do you have dreams of starting your own business?


Selling products, providing a service or becoming an influencer are all great ways to make money. Now you need a way to attract paying clients!

Having a content calendar for your social media strategy is a great way to do this. The content calendar allows you to strategically plan ahead and align any projects you're working on. I also love to use data analytics to reflect and guide all future content decisions.

Do you already use a content calendar for your marketing and communications plan? If you're an influencer or entrepreneur then it's likely that you've heard of a content calendar and maybe even tried to use one. If you haven't heard of one or aren't totally sure, keep reading for more information!

What's a content calendar?

Content calendars cover each day of the month and outline what topics you will discuss when you post on social media. By planning out your topics for each post that then allows you to get a head start on the entire process!

Well with Brielle instagram
Well with Brielle instagram

Here's a key tip, babes: Make sure you take advantage of opportunities within the content calendar by aligning your posts with other content like blog posts or events you plan to attend. Basically, your content calendar should be your plan for how you bring value to your audience, but also promote your hard work!

Not only do I create content calendars each month for every single one of my clients, but I also use one for Well with Brielle.

Why is a content calendar so useful?

Well with Brielle instagram planoly

In addition to having clarity on what your social media strategy is, you also are able to schedule your posts based on the plan you've outlined.

For instance, I could schedule a blog post and Instagram post to both go live around 11:50 am, a great time for most audiences to check it out during their lunch break, but a time where I may be busy getting lunch or still in a meeting. 


Could you use a content calendar?

Anyone serious about their social media strategy could definitely benefit from this awesome organization tool!

Well with Brielle instagram


Are you not sure where to start or want to save time on the process?

Check out this free content calendar or let's chat to build your own custom content calendar! I can even help you create the posts!