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The Ultimate Guide to Bullet Journaling


The Ultimate Guide to Bullet Journaling

Brielle Merchant


Bullet Journaling has been a major game changer!

It's a planner system that incorporates everything that is on your mind.


Do you enjoy arts & crafts? Journaling? Staying organized? The bullet journal combines all 3 & more!

You don't have to decorate your bullet journal, but why not? This is a great opportunity to reduce stress as you would by coloring in a color book! I'm no artist, but stickers and stencils come in quite handy!

The bullet journal is also great for stress management because it's more comprehensive than your average calendar or planner.

What is a bullet journal?

It's basically a comprehensive planning system that you customize based on your desires and needs. A journal or book with empty or blank pages is used to create your customized personal planner.

Each month I spend time creating my bullet journal set up for the month. Then each day during the month I fill out sections of my bullet journal as needed.

I'm able to keep track of my schedule, to do lists, favorite brands, and more! I've even started to track my habits so that I am more accountable.

A lot of people use the Leuchtturm1917  notebook to start their bullet journal and I do too! The Leuchtturm1917   is great because it includes the following features: 

  • Numbered pages

  • Blank table of contents for easy organization and notes

  • 2 built-in bookmarks

  • Acid-free and ink proof paper, expandable pocket inside back cover, page marker and elastic closure

  • 249 numbered pages, 8 perforated pages, 5.75 x 8.25 inches

I ordered my bullet journal from Amazon! You can order one by clicking here.    I've tried visiting bookstores and other shops for this journal, but I find that Amazon has the best price. Plus, free shipping on Amazon Prime is always irresistible.

Bullet Journal Uses

The bullet journal can be used for almost anything. I usually keep mine with me at all times by storing it in my purse.

  1. brain dump for projects

  2. wishlist

  3. social media schedules

  4. birthdays

  5. mood tracker

  6. to do list

  7. appointments

  8. habit tracker

  9. take notes

  10. grocery list

  11. new ideas

  12. books you want to read

  13. expense tracker

  14. sleep tracker

  15. favorite brands

  16. exercise tracker

  17. goals

  18. dreams you've had lately

  19. resolutions

These are just some of the things that came to mind, but the opportunities are endless! You'll notice that some of these uses are bolded, which indicates that I use this feature in my own bullet journal.

My absolute favorite uses would be:

  • Tracking habits that I want to be diligent about or stop

  • Listing my favorite brands (clothing, makeup, restaurants, etc.)

  • Mood tracker


I guess I love these 3 uses because they are so crucial to my happiness, yet prior to the Bullet Journal I had no concrete way of recording them or staying accountable.

Supplies for Bullet Journal

  • Writing utensils

  • Decor

    • Stickers. I love using these planner stickers, but there are so many fun options out there! Here's another option for planner stickers.

    • Stencils. Whether you're an artist or not, it's always good to have a few stencils on hand. Stencils are neat and perfect so they will keep your journal looking clean and beautiful.

    • Washi Tape. I have not used this, but it's quite popular. Use the tape to create fun and aesthetically pleasing borders throughout your journal. Here are a few washi tapes that I thought were cute and great for bullet journaling.

  • Other supplies

    • A ruler. I ordered these rulers because they are small enough to travel with, yet get the job done! You'll also note that they are pretty affordable too.

Do you already bullet journal?

Be sure to experiment with different layout and ideas to see what works best for you.

I've found that over the last few months, I've added and dropped certain aspects of my Bullet Journal depending on my own needs.

Let me know what you think!