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Celery Juice: 30 Day Juicing Experience

Brielle Merchant

wellness Celery Juice: 30 Day Juicing Experience well with brielle celery superfood benefits of celery instagram wellness food super food

Celery Juice: 30 Day Juicing Experience

Wow! Can you believe that I’ve been drinking celery juice consistently EVERY single day for 30 days?!

Every day on my Instagram stories I’ve been sharing my celery juice drinking experience and counting down to 30 days of drinking it consecutively. Each day I’ve drank my celery juice per the Medical Medium’s guidelines. It’s been really exciting, but also required a lot of planning ahead.

Have you heard of celery juicing?

Drinking celery juice has been quite popular lately. Well with Brielle doesn’t usually give health trends so much consideration, but it was already clear that celery is packed with nutrients so the celery juice claims seemed plausible.

The trend suggests that you drink at least 16 oz. of celery juice first thing in the morning WITH NOTHING else in the juice. There are also a few other guidelines for celery juicing.

Here’s a quick how to guide for celery juicing. Again, you don’t have to celery juice to get the nutrients, but it is a different experience. Curious about the benefits of celery? Read more here about the benefits of eating or drinking celery.

Wondering why we are only talking about celery juicing if eating celery is healthy too?

While eating celery is quite nutritious, juicing makes it a real #gamechanger. When you juice a fruit or vegetable it changes what nutrients you receive because the entire produce is not used. With celery juice there are a number of things you 'must do’ in order to truly experience the benefits of juicing it rather than eating/drinking it with the skin. If you’re not familiar with celery juicing and want to know how to get started with your celery juice then check out this blog post, ‘7 Reasons to Celery Juice and How To Get Started Celery Juicing Right Now‘.

Regardless of how you choose to consume your fruits and vegetables, please remember it’s always good to get them however you can! Whether you’re eating, juicing or making a smoothie, you can benefit from the nutrients.

Ready to hear about my experience celery juicing for 30 days consecutively?

Let’s start with the fact that a lot of people complain about the taste of celery juice, but I enjoyed it! I believe celery juice has a nice taste and the best part is that within minutes of drinking celery juice I’d instantly feel an amazing boost of energy!

What I enjoyed about Celery Juicing:

✔️quick all natural energy boost

✔️ supported my bloat-less eating habits

✔️tastes good (to me!)

✔️is hydrating (lots of electrolytes)

✔️great for detox 

While I really enjoyed my celery juicing experience, it wasn’t all peaches and roses! I’ve joked a few times on my Instagram that I have become a ‘Certified Celery Snob’ (yes, I made that up) and here’s why, babes:

Some of the cons/downsides of celery juicing include:

✔️has to be done on an empty belly

If you’re someone that enjoys a nice breakfast in the AM then this could be challenging.

✔️requires an entire bunch of celery

You need to get at least 16 oz of pure celery juice. Celery is pretty cheap, but the process gets hard if some stalks are in poor condition.

✔️ plan to visit the grocery store a few times a week

wellness Celery Juice: 30 Day Juicing Experience well with brielle custom meal plans meal planning plant based recipes vegan food began recipes meal prep instagram wellness food grocery store

During this process, I would visit the grocery store and buy celery every 2-3 days. 3 days was usually pushing it! I found that celery doesn’t last long once you bring it home and remove the plastic bag that it typically comes in. I’m not sure if keeping the celery in the grocery store plastic that it comes in is truly beneficial to preserving the celery, but I definitely noticed a pattern. When I would remove the plastic my celery would quickly start to wilt by the very next day. In contrast, celery left in it’s plastic bag lasted for days longer.

✔️ using a Juice Machine is most ideal, but still some work

Your celery juice can NOT have any skin or else it’s not going to work the same. You can use a blender and then strain out the skin via cheesecloth, but it’s an extra step that I personally would prefer to avoid.

In terms of cleaning the juicer, that was pretty easy. I’d recommend that you rinse the juice machine right after you’re done using it. Ideally, you want to drink the celery juice once it is freshly made each day.I would then clean the machine later that day before bed. Figure out what routine works best for you, but remember you will need this machine to be clean each morning before you eat. Do you really want to wash it then? Probably not.

Are you busy in the morning? Short on time?

It’s ideal to make the celery juice fresh each time, but making it the day/night before and placing it in the refrigerator is an option too. So far, I have not tried to make my celery juice the day/night before, but I have had busy mornings where I’ve made the juice a few hours before heading out the door.

Are you thinking about celery juicing? Do you have more questions?

Let me know!

Here are some more wellness resources about healthy eating:

Let’s chat on Instagram, babes! Follow me @WellwithBrielle

7 Reasons to Celery Juice and How To Get Started Celery Juicing Right Now

Brielle Merchant

celery well with brielle wellness resourcess lifestyle wellness healthy recipes celery juice how to celery juice benefits of celery juice

7 Reasons to Celery Juice and How To Get Started Celery Juicing Right Now

So I mentioned previously that celery is the superfood that no one is talking about. That was my own observation after researching all of celery’s nutritional facts and knowing that I pretty much never hear anyone mention that you should really eat your celery.

Fast forward to now. Drinking Celery Juice has taken off and rightfully so! Here is why:

Celery does contain a lot of great nutrients.

In fact, celery is a source of: 

  • vitamin C

  • vitamin K

  • vitamin B

  • vitamin A

  • iron

  • folate 

  • potassium 

  • and more!

Why is Celery Juice different or better than eating celery?

It’s not the same. Our bodies don’t benefit the same way. Here’s why: The celery skin greatly slows down our bodies ability to absorb the many nutrients that celery contains. When you juice the celery the skin is removed and our bodies directly benefit from the nutrients

Some of the health benefits of celery include:

✔️fights cancer

celery well with brielle wellness resourcess lifestyle wellness healthy recipes celery juice how to celery juice benefits of celery juice

✔️combats liver disease

✔️reduces inflammation

✔️improves heart health

✔️calms nervous system

✔️helps detox the body

✔️natural energy booster

These are just SOME of the benefits. Overall, Celery Juice is GREAT for many chronic diseases or ailments. Celery Juice is also rich in electrolytes and are very hydrating.

Wow! That’s a lot of benefits, right? Yep, definitely a superfood if you ask me. Not to mention that celery is made up of over 90% water and has so few calories that it takes ‘negative calories’ to enjoy it. That means chewing celery burns more calories than what you are receiving from actually eating the celery. This sounds great for weight loss if you ask me!

Are you worried about eating too much sugar by starting to juice?

When we juice it requires more fruits and vegetables to produce juice than it does to just eat the same produce and feel full. 16 ounces of celery juice is typically an entire bunch or stalk of celery. Let’s put this into perspective. If I were enjoying my celery with hummus as a snack then I would likely only have 1-2 stems of celery at a time. Big difference, right? Right!

Fortunately, sugar spikes can occur via fruit, but is not likely to happen with celery!

Ready to get started right now with celery juicing?

How To Celery Juice:

So with the celery you have to juice it and can’t add anything to it. It has to be: 

  • 16 oz 

  • on an empty belly (so first thing in the AM is best)

  • NO skin (juice or use a blender + then strain out the skin using a cheesecloth or other method) 

  • celery only can’t add anything 

  • freshly made if possible 

So far, I have been celery juicing for over 10 days consecutively!

Would you like to see a video of how I celery juice? Curious about how my experience is going? Let me know! If you’re following me on Instagram you can always catch what I’m eating and doing via my Instagram Story by following me @WellwithBrielle

Have you tried celery juicing or are you thinking about trying it? Let me know!

Starting a new lifestyle habit is always easier and more fun when you have support.

Share this with a friend who could use it too!

Let’s connect on Instagram @WellwithBrielle

Let's Shop: Brielle's Birthday Wishlist 3.18.2019

Brielle Merchant

lets shop- Brielle's birthday  wishlist


I was SUPER excited to write this post (because my friends and family have been HOUNDING me about what I want), but now I’m feeling kinda anxious about this entire thing, WHY?!

Well I’m SUPER SPECIFIC about what I like. So if I ask for a pink spoon and get a red one then it’s just not the same. You know what I mean, babes? It’s my birthday! Things need to be RIGHT. Almost doesn’t count. Plus as you read on you’ll notice that many of the items on my wishlist are very special and personal to who I am.

So back to my birthday…

My birthday is EXACTLY one month away and like a typical dreamy pisces I’ve romanticized it without even knowing what my plans are. What’s your sign? Is your birthday typically a big deal or what? Do you like to celebrate it or act like it doesn’t exist?

I’m a pisces and agree with many of the traits that are associated with my sign. To be a bit more specific my exact birthday is MARCH 18. I won’t bore you by including le details in this blog post, but WOAHH do I resonate with my sign. One example is the fact that we are DREAMY. Prime example: I’m not even sure how I will be celebrating my birthday this year, but I’m excited! Luckily, while I may not have plan yet, I do have a pretty GREAT idea about what I want to get myself.

Ready to shop? Let’s do this!

download (3).jpeg

Here’s Brielle's Birthday Wishlist 3.18.2019:


I don’t have a green thumb AT ALL and CocoLily is always attacking the few succulents or flowers that I manage to bring home. NEVERTHELESS, plants are SO beautiful and create the perfect aesthetic for any space. I’m thinking REAL plants would be my preference, but again between CocoLily and I it might not last long. Fake plants and flowers in general just seem so tacky to me, but I’ve definitely noticed some good fake options lately at places like Marshalls and Home Goods. REAL or FAKE? What do you think, babes?


Not even sure where to start. This desire for crystals began because of how gorgeous they are, but I never purchased because #1 I wasn’t sure if some were real while others were fake/low quality and #2 I always felt like they had a greater purpose beyond decoration. well with brielle wellwithbrielle sleep health free sleep resources crystals

Now I’m totally ready to buy my first crystals! Lately, I’ve learned about the different types of crystals, their purposes and meanings. My plan is to initially purchase 1-2 crystals that resonate MOST with me. I’m think a clear quartz for sure, but we will see what happens. Seems like everything is falling into place and it’s only a matter of time before I know I need to purchase my first crystal. Do you know what I mean? I’m letting my intuition guide me.

It’s been working out thus far. Finding a shop I resonate with was a challenge and then a few days later I was presented with TWO great options. Definitely shoot me a DM on Instagram if you want that information. One definitely ships worldwide and has AMAZING options ranging from $20-$1,000+. Please note this is a rough range based on what I’ve seen so far with them. I would not be surprised if they have more expensive crystals. Some are MASSIVE and soooooo gorgeous. I’ve also found that this particular vendor has crystals in all shapes, sizes, and forms (typical, bracelet, necklace, platter, bath soap, etc.)

More Glassware

In an effort to practice wellness that hits all 7 dimensions of wellness, I’ve started to look at how I can improve my environmental habits. One easy and really helpful way has been to use glassware. First of all glass looks SO good. Secondly, it’s better for the environment than using plastic.

Would you want more information about how I’m enhancing my lifestyle in this aspect? Here’s 2 more points I’d like to mention real quick!


I didn’t want to just throw out my old plasticware so I’m giving a lot of it to my mom (probably belongs to her originally anyways, haha) and then donating the rest to Good Will.


Some of the glassware is from old jars of condiments or other foods. Instead of throwing the glass jar away I washed them and am using them to store beverages. This is great for juicing or smoothies. well with brielle wellwithbrielle resources cat birthday wishlist

Let me know if you like these tips and want to hear more!

Now back to le list….

A KITTEN for CocoLily and I

CocoLily will be a year old in April, babes! Kittens are considered adults or cats once they turn one year old. Since my birthday is the month before CocoLily’s I thought this would be the perfect gift for us both. I’ve had two cats at the same time before and it definitely has its trade offs.

Favorite Perfumes

This is ALWAYS a great gift for me, babes!

My #1 FAVORITE is definitely amazing grace by Philosophy, but I also LOVE Elizabeth and James. The white and black are a hard toss up but definitely my go to picks!

What are your favorite perfumes?

Do we have similar wishlists?

What’s on yours, babes?

Let me know! It’s still another month until my birthday so I could definitely use some ideas.



Let’s chat on Instagram! Follow me @WellwithBrielle

CocoLily will be celebrating too! Follow her @CocoLilybeann on Instagram