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Brielle Merchant

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Let's Shop on Amazon, Babes!

Brielle Merchant

Recently, I moved to a new home and quickly realized that I didn’t own everything I needed.

Also, who doesn’t love to shop?

Let’s start with these super cute reusable straws that are also eco-friendly!

Have you seen the tragic videos of turtles with plastic straws or forks stuck in their nostrils? If you haven’t seen it, then I’m sure you’ve at least heard about it. Here are some super cute environmentally safe alternatives to plastic straws:

Aren’t they the cutest? The first option includes different shades which is perfect for sharing with friends. The second option is super classy and could be the perfect unisex gift!

Next, let’s talk about #Priorities!

I purchased these pink ice packs that are really for my injured leg, but also work great for migraines and puffy eyes! They are perfect because they are super cold, but never get too hard or rigid. It’s easy to place them on just about any part of your body.

On a typical day, I’m following R.I.C.E. and these cute ice packs really come in handy. I’m able to pop them back into my freezer once I’m done.

Does anyone else love to clean? I mean it’s just so relaxing and obviously quite rewarding!

I didn’t have any cleaning supplies, and I wanted to make the experience even more fun. I purchased this super cute light pink 3 piece broom and cleaning set. Isn’t it the best?

It arrives in parts, so you do have to twist it together. This took me about 10 minutes and was super easy! No tools required! YES!!!

Let’s talk about these Well with Brielle recipes!! #WwBEats

Since, moving I’ve wanted to share more delicious and healthy plant based recipes with you, babes, but I definitely needed to buy some measuring cups . These light pink and gold measuring cups are perfect for future Well with Brielle recipes! #WwBeats

Also, you have to check out this fierce black and rose gold knife set. This was a MUST HAVE for my new kitchen. I LOVE the clear display, solid black, and rose gold highlights. No matter what I’m doing in life or how old I am, I think these will always be perfect! I say that because I do realize that this pink overload (that I LOVE) may not be sustainable. That’s fine though.

Let’s be present and live in the moment. Right, babes?

Now let’s talk healthy home scents!

Do you use essential oils?

This pink or purple oil diffuser is super cute, perfect for good vibes and a natural wellness boost!

What are your favorite essential oils to diffuse?

Anyways, back to #priorities.

I needed a can opener, so I grabbed this super cute pink and rose gold can opener. It’s going to be perfect for opening all the cans of beans I’ll be using.

It’s always great to cook oven roasted vegetables so, I grabbed these hot pink oven mitts . And you have to check out these hot pink pans from one of my favorite brands, Tfal. Such good quality! I was delighted to see they came in pink because the original color is a burnt red, which I already own and love.

CocoLily <3

If you’ve been following @WellwithBrielle on Instagram then you already know who CocoLily is. My new kitten, CocoLily is super cute, but also very active! She’s my only pet and I’d love to take her on a walk or two.

well with brielle cocolily the cat cocolily the kitty lifestyle cats kitten pets instagram

Historically, I’ve been able to train cats to walk using a leash and cat harness depending on their personality and age. Given that CocoLily is so active, I wanted to make sure that the cat harness was good quality and not something that she could potentially escape from. Cats are pretty wise and often highly skilled when it comes to escaping! well with brielle cocolily the kitty

I found this super cute cat harness so we can go for walks. Who doesn’t love a nice walk with nature? Right, babes?! I can’t wait to take CocoLily to the park!

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 11.13.58 AM.png

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime because Babes, who wants to wait nearly a week for packages to arrive? I even tried out having my packages shipped to an Amazon Locker. Have you tried that yet, Babes?

Let me know if you try any of these items!

Also, have you followed CocoLily on Instagram @CocoLilyBeann ?

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