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Using Gratitude to Naturally Increase Your Happiness Now

Brielle Merchant

Ready to naturally increase your happiness?


Expressing gratitude at every moment is a healthy way to feel good and boost your overall outlook on life!

Regular practice of expressing gratitude has the ability to create permanent mindset shifts that can enhance your lifestyle.

Did you know? Mindset shifts are so important when reducing stress!

I’ve found that gratitude has been an easy, but super effective way for me to live in the present while constantly tapping into feelings of love and happiness.

In fact, gratitude has been scientifically proven to:

  • deeper feelings of abundance

  • increase happiness

  • enhance understanding

  • create a greater capacity for love

  • decrease feelings of fear

  • reduce stress

  • lower anxiety

According to scientific research, regularly expressing gratitude can help you develop a lifestyle of happiness and greater appreciation.

Need a reminder?

Affirmations about gratitude are a fun and easy way to remind yourself to stay grateful in the present moment. Here are some of my favorite affirmations about gratitude:

  • Everyone I encounter touches my life and enriches it. I am thankful for them.

  • The more gratitude I feel. The more I am aware that the supply is endless.

  • I express gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life and the great things that are coming.

  • I gratefully accept the abundance of health and happiness that I am receiving today.

  • Today I am thankful for my past which lead me to this moment where my dream journey begins anew.

You can find all of these affirmations and even quotes about gratitude as a free downloadable wallpaper here. Grab your’s now, babes!

Want more ways to tap into feelings of happiness gratitude?

I’ve found that journaling has helped a lot! The Gratitude Workbook is actually a 5 day guide that include journal prompts to target different areas of your life as they relate to gratitude. It also includes daily affirmations for encouragement.

I’ve also created a few more gratitude resources for you, Babes. Grab them here:

Have questions or thoughts you want to share? Follow me on Instagram and send me a DM. I’d love to hear from you <3



Planning your life out?! Don’t forget your wellness goals! Use the Wellness Planner to integrate your higher self!

2 Super Fun Bachelorette Party Settings

Brielle Merchant

Twenty something and suddenly it seems like everyone is getting married. Who knew weddings were so much fun?

Maybe you’re the bride to be, or just a ride or die feel good friend, but either way these 2 settings are PERFECT for any bachelorette party or even just a fun weekend with the girls!

SO, there are quite a few events before the actual wedding (I’ve been calling them prewedding events, but no one seems to get it) like the dress rehearsal, bridal shower, dinner rehearsal, etc., but bachelorette parties have to be the best part minus the wedding itself! Wouldn’t you agree, babes?

If you’re following me on Instagram then you likely know that just last weekend my good friend had her bachelorette party in Charlottesville, Virginia for a 3 day weekend of wine, cider, and beer tours.

Wine, cider, and beer?! OH MY!

It was nonstop fun and really got me thinking about what elements make a bachelorette party great. Seems like having the best time really comes down to the setting and what you have planned.

Here are the 2 great settings I’d recommend for an amazing bachelorette party:

Indoors w/ an Itinerary

Now that we are older and beyond our college days it’s likely that an entire weekend or even just an entire night of hanging out and drinking can seem super overwhelming. Some ladies may feel more comfortable knowing they are only getting loose privately and can safely make it to their bed at any moment if needed.

Also, staying in really allows for the bridal party to bond!

Here are some fun games to get the party started:

  • Drink If

    Basically if you or someone else pulls a card that applies to you, then you must drink. Por ejemplo, drink if you’re into wellness! HA!

  • Junk on the Hunk

    Pin the junk on the trunk. This is just like pin the tail on the donkey except its not a tail and whether or not he’s a donkey is totally debatable.

  • How Well Do You Know the Bachelorette

These deck of cards ask you questions about the bride to be. Take turns with your friends to see who will get the answers right!

I’d also recommend creating a fun bachelorette party music playlist.

A music playlist is perfect for any uber rides, late night pj parties, or just getting ready for shenanigans. It’s always great to have music!

well with brielle bachelorette party sangria bar diy

Want to do something super cute and fun with your alcohol?

Create a personalized bar!

My friend (the bride to be) loves sangria so I created this super cute personalized “Paula’s Sangria Bar” signs (pictured right). We used pitchers to hold homemade sangria wine and bachelorette party decor to make the bar look extra festive.

Decor is so important if you’re staying in. Pictured here is a ‘last fling before the ring’ sign and beautiful bubblegum pink, burgundy and glitter gold party decorations.

Are you dying to get out or maybe not into the idea of planning a weekend indoors? Book an event!

Guided/Hosted Event

Maybe you want to get out and explore, or staying in just seems kind of lame. Whatever the reason, booking an event is another great way to celebrate the bride to be at her bachelorette party! This past weekend we stayed in AND went out. Both were AMAZING experiences and SO much fun. For our outing we booked a bus to take us to different places where we could then buy tastings or go on tours. The tours/tastings featured locally made wine, cider, and beer.

At every winery or brewery we found that these tour locations made for great photos! Want to add to your bachelorette party photos?

I love the idea of getting your bride to be a special sash and maybe even a tiara during the bachelorette party. This will make her day extra special and the photos will be even more festive.

well with brielle bachelorette party sangria bar diy
bachelorette party well with brielle sangria bar diy

Since this bachelorette party weekend included both indoor and outdoor events, we ate out each day at different nearby restaurants.

It was so much fun to explore new territory, especially tasting some of their best restaurants! My favorite was a french restaurant that we enjoyed dinner at after our tours.

By the way, babes, I definitely ate whatever I wanted this past weekend and I can’t really say that it was a plant-prominent diet. Definitely lots of dairy and some seafood.

Want are your favorite girls night in or out activities? Is anyone else feeling like everyone is getting married?! Let me know, babes <3

wellwithbrielle well with brielle bachelorette party wine tours

Sake Tasting for the I Do Crew!

Even CocoLily is having fun.

Follow her on Instagram @CocoLilyBeann to see all her great adventures!

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