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3 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Productivity Now

Brielle Merchant

Is it just me or is there always so much to get done?

Between managing Instagram pages for a variety of brands, completing random PR tasks for them, working my 9-5 job as a wellness professional, and constantly trying to enhance Well with Brielle, productivity is SO important.

I'm always looking for ways to improve how I work and the resources I provide to my clients. 

And honestly, even before I started taking on clients, I STILL desperately needed ways to organize tasks and then actually execute my plans!

There are a number of things I do on a daily basis, but here are my top 3 actionable tips to improve your productivity now:

1. Timers!

So when I was in graduate school getting my Masters degree, I attended a southern school that included a medical program. As a result, I met a lot of medical students who needed to maximize their time especially to study efficiently. They were always trying new study methods that they had researched online!

One day I studied with a couple (one was a medical student and the other was a graduate student in my field) and they had timers for everything they planned to do that day. It was crazy! In this case, they used a very specific amount of time that would gradually increase for the tasks but decrease for breaks. 20 minutes for studying with a 10-minute break eventually became 40 minutes studying with an 8-minute break (not exactly but you get the idea, right? right!). It was a way to maximize productivity without your brain feeling like it needed a break. 

I really liked the timer to keep me on track, but increasing the time wasn't ideal for non-studying situations. And it's pretty stressful to be honest. 

Personally, setting the timer for the unique amount of time that is needed for a task works well for me. If I need 60 minutes to do something I'll give myself around 75 minutes or so. If I need 30 minutes then I'll take 45 minutes instead. This keeps me realistic about having random breaks while allowing me to also race against the clock and stay on task rather than getting distracted and working on something else.

Timers are the best, but multitasking can be a real time sucker, so here's my next tip:

2. Batching

This pretty much means you complete similar tasks in large quantities. So instead of trying to take a new photo each day for blog posts, Instagram posts or other things, I would choose one day to take several different photos.

I use photos as the example because it's honestly my FAVORITE task to batch. I don't consider myself to be very photogenic at all, so once I've caught the vibe then I like to really ride the waveeeee.

Another task that I love to do in batches is content scheduling. For my clients and for Well with Brielle I create custom monthly content calendars that align their content, projects, and overall business goals. 

Once the content calendar is created for Well with Brielle (or my clients) I then have to produce the actual content. Typically this means visuals + some sort of writing. Using the content calendar and planning all the content out at once (or a good portion of it) HELPS SO much with keeping everything cohesive and on brand.  I'm in the same mindset, feeling the same vibe, and so any content created will reflect that. I like this because Instagram (and many other platforms including in-person opportunities) are all about aesthetics. Content should be pleasing to the eye!

Anyways, you can batch pretty much any tasks and it saves me SO much time. In general, multitasking really wastes time because of all of the transitioning required. Batching cuts out the transition time.

So once you've determined how to use your timer, and the tasks you want to batch, it's time to implement tip #3...


3. Have a plan and stick to it!


As mentioned previously, I create a content plan or content calendar for Well with Brielle and the brands I help. That's a great step to being strategic, but it's ONLY beneficial and productive if you STICK TO IT! 

By batching and timing myself as I work, I get things done and can really stick to my plans. I recommend creating a plan and having a few days at least to actually execute the plan. Many plans fail because they are rushed and not thought out. Only you know what you're anxiously waiting to share with the world! Just take your time & let the magic flow!


Okay so here is one extraaaaa tip I want to share. 

4. BONUS: Scheduling

So, this is mostly a bonus because I haven't quite mastered it! Basically, you work on a set schedule each and every day. Mondays may be content planning, Tuesday are for client calls and photos, Wednesday for data review...and the list goes on. Get the idea? 

I'm such a creative so I always have a million ideas. Yes, I'm also a planner, but for my own work I go with the flow. My vibe carries me through. Like if I have a great idea, but don't feel lead on how to create it then I wait or slowly work on it. It's hard to be on a schedule this way, but I'm working on it. 


Have you used these tips to enhance your own productivity? What worked or didn't?



Remember to prioritize your needs.

You have time for what you want.




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