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Mango Smoothie Recipe

Brielle Merchant

Mango Smoothie

Smoothie OBSESSED!

In a rush? Need a treat? Want more produce?

There are SO many great reasons to have a smoothie!

I love to really taste my smoothie and know exactly what ingredients I'm enjoying, so for me, less is more!

This Mango Smoothie recipe only requires TWO (2) ingredients!

Here are the ingredients you will need:


If you'd like your mango smoothie to be sweeter then try adding one of these natural sweeteners!

There are a few other naturally sweet options like coconut sugar, agave nectar, blackstrap molasses, maple syrup, or adding a sweet fruit (apples, bananas, etc.), but I want to make sure I'm only recommending what I've tried and love!

What are your favorite ways to naturally sweeten foods and drinks?



1. First, pour in 2 cups of Almond Milk or nut milk of choice.

I have used juice in my smoothies too, but Almond Milk has so many benefits! It has plenty of Vitamin E, is low in sugar & calories, and is a good source for Vitamin D too!

2. Next, pour 3 cups of mango chunks into a blender. Add sweetener.

3. Blend until desired consistency is reached. I like mine textured and a little CHUNKY!


Serve and enjoy!


Want more smoothie recipes?

I'm literally SMOOTHIE OBSESSED & have been making them on the regular, so please let me know if you'd love to see more, babes!

By the way, do you LOVE the pink and clear/gold cups featured in these pictures?

They are brand new and I purchased them JUST FOR MY SMOOTHIES! Can you believe they were only a $1 each?!

Did you try this recipe or want to?

Let me know what you think!