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How to Find Cheap Plant-Based Foods That Are Healthy

Brielle Merchant

There are so many foods that are delicious, healthy, and cheap.

Here are some ways to find cheap plant-based foods that are healthy: 

Use the grocery store weekly flyer.


Every grocery store usually has a weekly flyer that shows what is on sale. This flyer may even contain special coupons.  Search online to see if the flyer is available on the grocery store's website. This will help you plan ahead. Select produce items based on what's on sale. Once you've selected a few items then think about recipes you can create using them. The Affordable Plant-Based Recipes e-book features cheap foods that are healthy and delicious. 

Look in the Correct Places

Search the outsides of the grocery store (instead of the aisle) for most of your food purchases. Healthy foods are usually on the outsides of the grocery store because they need to be kept fresh via refrigerators and other machines (outlets required). 


Save on Seasonings

Flavor is everything so it's crucial that you have all the seasonings that you want. Seasonings can be pricey, but not always. 

Have you checked your grocery store's multicultural or ethnic aisle? Usually, these aisles will feature a wide variety of seasonings. Often these seasonings are cheaper than those in the seasoning aisle. 

Need ideas on what seasonings to buy? Check out this blog post on 3 Seasonings You Need to Use Now.  Try to buy seasonings that do not contain salt! Natural herbs and seasonings are healthy and delicious. 

Shop Around

Compare weekly flyers between grocery stores that are close to you. Also, look online for items that may be cheaper. 

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