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Buffalo Cauliflower Wings Recipe

Brielle Merchant

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

So I have made this recipe a bunch of times, but recently I tried a new process and it's amazing!

The cauliflower is so crispy and holds the sauce much better than previous methods I've tried. 

Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • Hot Sauce (I used Franks Red Hot)

  • 1 Head of Cauliflower (the larger, the more wings)

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 2 eggs (may need more depending on the size of the cauliflower, but everything it in batches)

  • Flour or batter mix (I used Kodak Cakes)

  • Pepper

  • Garlic Powder

  • Cumin

  • Crushed Red Pepper (optional)



1. First, wash and cut up the head of the cauliflower.

I recommend following the natural origin of connected parts by starting at the base of the cauliflower which holds all of the cauliflower florets together. Usually, I will cut off all leaves and then cut the middle of the base into parts like a pizza. Be careful to look over the connections so that you do not cut parts that meant to stay connected. This will cause the floret to fall apart and lose its chicken wing shape.

2. Next, pour 1 cup of Kodak Cakes (or your choice of batter mix) into a bowl. Sprinkle seasonings to taste. Mix with a spoon and then pour mixture into a dry Ziploc bag. 

3. Prep a flat baking tray with olive oil or cooking spray. This prevents the florets from burning or messing up the baking tray.

4. Pour 2 eggs (flax seeds are a good substitute if vegan) into a bowl and whisk. Dip divided Cauliflower florets into whisked eggs and then place into Ziploc bag of seasoned batter. Toss florets in the Ziploc bag until well coated with batter mixture. 

5. Once the florets are well coated, place them onto the baking pan. Drizzle all florets with olive oil and bake in the oven on 375 degrees Farenheight for 20 minutes on each side. 

6. Once florets are baked well, crispy and golden brown in appearance, remove them from the oven.

7. Prepare a Ziploc bag with 1 cup of Franks Red Hot inside. Add 1/4 cup of honey if a sweet and spicy flavor is desired. Mix well. Taste and adjust flavor as needed.

8. Add baked florets to the Ziploc bag and toss until well coated with sauce. 

Serve and enjoy!

Want a dipping sauce?

I used real bleu cheese dressing (in small amounts) instead of a healthier vegan substitute, but you may find that there are a lot of healthy sauce options to use. Or maybe you won't need any added sauce at all!

Did you try this recipe or want to? Let me know what you think!