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Consistency & Balance: Top Tip for Healthy Eating

Brielle Merchant

Balance & consistency are SO important!

How do you stay consistent with your healthy eating habits?


My favorite way is by being strict about the food I eat at home. Basically, my groceries are strategically planned out, but if I'm being social and eating at a restaurant then anything goes!

Let's be clear though! I never plan 'cheat days' or deny myself what I'm craving. 

Ready for more details? Here we go!

Basically, I am strict about the groceries that I purchase at the grocery store and overall the food I bring into my home.

Are you curious about what I will and will not eat?

Well it really varies, but I try to stick to vegan eating habits while purchasing food to eat at home. This means no meats or dairy. More importantly, I ALWAYS follow plant-based eating habits whether I am eating out or while at home.

Honestly, I would say there is some debate about what 'plant-based' eating means. Many wellness influencers and bloggers may consider it the way to communicate that they are healthy vegans, vegetarians or pescatarians. Personally, I like the definitions found on google that define plant-based as mostly eating plant-based foods and very few meats or dairy products. Oh heyy!!! That's me!

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 1.52.56 PM.png

So during those rare occasions when I'm out at happy hour, brunch, or grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant, I will eat whatever I want. This includes cheese (let's get detailed because what other dairy is there?! ha!) and meat. So while eating at a restaurant, I typically indulge, but that's not the only time.

The other exception would be if I'm craving specific foods. I never deny myself food that I'm craving! What's the point? Most likely, you're going to cave at some point and maybe even overindulge as a result of making yourself wait. Also, you deserve a treat, babe!

I love this strategy because I've found that it's super easy to follow and creates the balance I need.

The fact that I rarely eat out (as in not even once a week) also makes the balance perfect.  But even if I did eat out more often the rules would still be clear and that makes my life so much easier!

With 'cheat days' I would feel pressured to eat unhealthy just because it's my chance to. By being flexible with what I eat based on how I'm feeling and where I am helps so much.

Besides, it's no fun to go out with friends or socialize with colleagues and not be able to really enjoy the moment.


So how do you stay consistent with your healthy eating habits? Let me know! 



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