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Beauty Reset: How to


Beauty Reset: How to

Brielle Merchant

Self care is crucial & sometimes I feel like I need a quick beauty reset. Beauty comes from the inside and out, so my routine covers my mind, body, and soul.

Here are the quick & easy things you can do in order to give yourself a beauty reset:


A facial mask every so often is much needed. I use masks when I want to give my face a little extra care or if I see acne creeping up.

A good mask should be easy to apply and remove. It should also do what it promises. Some masks are moisturizing, cleansing, etc.

My go-to mask, Queen Helene Mint Julep Facial Scrub feels like it removes oil & excess dirt, while still keeping my face moisturized. My skin feels smooth & refreshed after.


A warm bath + epsom salt. I've typically purchased Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt.

I like to also enjoy a book while I'm bathing. It's so peaceful to sit quietly in a warm bath and enjoy a thrilling story!

Mind & Soul

Reading is a great way to stimulate thinking and pleasure at the same time. Grab a book that interests you!

Journaling & meditation are both quick, easy ways to feed your soul. I love using my bullet journal. Read about how to start a bullet journal here. Bullet journal allows me to get creative with drawing and decor, while also being productive with my notes.

I've also fallen in love with meditation. Meditation allows you to welcome unwanted thoughts peacefully. Journaling allows you to vent and release emotions as you reflect.

Music + Tea (see post here) are also a great combo!


Deep condition! Deep conditions nourish the hair & leave it feeling so good.

I rarely wash my hair, but sometimes a good ole' wash + deep condition is key.  My preferred deep conditioning routine is to deep condition with a deep conditioning conditioner for at least 25 minutes using a shower cap. Next, I remove my cap and apply a cheap or less conditioning conditioner to my hair. This happens before washing out the deep conditioner. I like to allow my hair to soak up the conditioners and once it's somewhat dry I rinse my hair.

My favorite deep conditioner is Giovanni Deep Moisture. I love that it's all natural with no parabens. The larger containers like the one here include a pump that you can close when traveling. Also, I think the price is great! I've been using Giovanni products for years and they never disappoint!

These are a few of the ways I give myself a beauty reset for my mind, body, and soul. Self care is crucial and not selfish!

How do you give yourself a beauty reset?