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How to Create the Ultimate Self Care Bath Routine

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How to Create the Ultimate Self Care Bath Routine

Ready to relax?

Routines guarantee that you will prioritize what’s important in your daily schedule. Babes, I have actually been working on creating new routines in my own life. Here are some routines I’ve developed thus far: morning routine, meal prep routine, nighttime routine and my latest favorite — a quick self care shower routine. Consistently completing the tasks in these routines is an act of self care.

Self care is important because it helps you to maintain or even enhance your lifestyle, reduce stress, and learn more about yourself as an individual.

Here are some key aspects of my self care bath:

  • A good healthy drink

Typically for me this is tea. My favorite tea to enjoy is homemade ginger tea, but feel free to treat yourself to a beverage of your choice. Here are a few ideas:

  • Warm or cool water perhaps with a squeeze of lemon, lime, ginger, or other plant-based options to add a some flavor

  • Green Tea or another tea of choice

  • Fresh juice

  • Kombucha

  • Smoothie

  • Sound or silence.

Depends on my mood, but I’m super intentional about choosing a great playlist or keeping things quiet. What do you prefer to hear during a relaxing bath? Podcasts are also a great option!

  • Environmental enhancements

Eucalyptus plants, candles, or other natural elements to create a vibe and add to the healing of environment. Depending on my mood I may keep the lights off and totally use candles along with a very chill playlist. Other times it’s lights on with the candles lit too.

Have you tried using eucalyptus during your bath? I mostly hang the branches to my shower head and use them during showers, but it can work for baths too. Eucalyptus has a number of natural health benefits and is quite inexpensive to purchase. Try it soon if you never have before!

Want more ideas on how to create the ultimate self care bath?

Instantly download the Ultimate Self Care Bath Checklist now by clicking here.

Want more self care resources and tips?

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