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3 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips to Help You Sleep Well

Brielle Merchant

3 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips to Help You Sleep Well well with brielle wellwithbrielle sleep health free sleep resources why you may not be getting good sleep and 6 easy ways to improve your sleeping habits

Hello Babes! These last few weeks, we’ve been working through the 4 week Healthy Habits Challenge where we cover a different wellness topic each week. Every day during the week you receive an easy, but effective healthy habit that you can challenge yourself to complete.

This week is all about sleeping well. I went live on Instagram @wellwithbrielle earlier in the week to talk about Why You May Not Be Getting Good Sleep and 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sleeping Habits. I also gave 4 Foods that Support a Good Night’s Sleep.

Now I’d like to share what I’ve learned about using Feng Shui to create healthy living spaces. If you watched my on Instagram Live @WellwithBrielle yesterday then you already know how exciting this experience was. During the live I explained that while I did my typical scientific research, I also looked at what Feng Shui says about sleep health and then incorporated the practices into my own home.

Have you heard of Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a Chinese science and art that can be used to create positive energy in spaces or environments.

Your environment has one of the greatest influences over your ability to live a healthy lifestyle. Here’s an example: Having a workspace that includes a gym or water fountain nearby would enhance your lifestyle by providing you immediate sources of exercise and water. Without those built in environmental resources you would have to rely on bringing a water bottle and finding drinking water to refill it with.

So if we can enhance our environment to support a healthy lifestyle then it’s important to understand how different settings may impact our wellness.

About a third of our life is spent sleeping or trying to fall asleep. Let’s intentionally set the foundation for happiness, recharging, and overall peace  in our lives by incorporating Feng Shui into everyday living spaces. Your bedroom is a space for sleeping and intimate one on one time, so it was exciting to pour some extra self care and love into this space.

These tips are pretty practical and useful once you really implement them and see how they  naturally enhance your everyday practices. Also, you’ll likely find that you have to compromise or really pick and choose which Feng Shui practices you implement since space or options may be limited based on your home’s architecture. I tried to weigh in on which tips seemed to be more important than other based on my Feng Shui research.

There were so many informative Feng Shui tips that I couldn’t possibly explain them all here, but please find below 3 of my FAVORITE. It was a tough decision to make, babes!

Here are 3  Feng Shui tips for creating a bedroom space:

  • Use your bagua

A Bagua is how you determine the position and layout of your rooms or spaces. According to Feng Shui North, West, South, etc. all indicate that you’re welcoming different energy into your environment. This energy could be love, money, good health, or a few other things depending on how you’ve set your furniture up in each room.

Curious about how to create a bagua? Grab this Sleep Well Guide that includes Feng Shui practices! well with brielle wellwithbrielle sleep health free sleep resources why you may not be getting good sleep and 6 easy ways to improve your sleeping habits
  • Reduce electronics

Remove all electronics (including cell phone!!) from your bedroom, babes.  I’d even recommend you research ways to take this further! It’s really healthy to be away from electronics, especially for your sleep health. I’ve seen new lifestyle apparel, such as, special glasses that can reduce the impact that blue light has on your body. Implementing these protective measures is great, but the most effective step you can take is to just leave all electronics outside of your bedroom.

We definitely cover this a few times in the Healthy Habits challenge. Electronics are so popular and a part of our everyday life, but aren’t exactly the healthiest activity for us to engage in. Did you know that the blue light from electronics interrupts the melatonin  that we need to sleep well at night? Additionally, sounds, vibrations, lights, etc. from electronics can all distract you from sleeping. It’s unhealthy to have your natural sleep interrupted.

  • Set up your command

Your bed is your command. According to Feng Shui, you want to:

    • Reduce ‘Sha Chi’ or ‘attacking energy’. This means that you want to  eliminate any sharp objects that may be pointing at you. Smooth objects only.

    • Create balance for your command. Make sure your bed is equally accessible on both sides. By doing this you’re basically welcoming love into your space as a positive energy. Love includes yourself, friends, romantic, and family relationships. This is really important even if you’re single. Love contributes to your own health and attracting love/partner for the future. Have balance by placing also placing two similar objects around your bed. A night stand on each side of your bed is the best way to do this..

    • Clear the space around your command.

      • Try to avoid having  lights or fans above your bed. (if you need to compromise then I’d say that it seems that what is most important is to have ur bed accessible on both sides equally.

    • Try to not place bed against a wall that you know has pipes or electricity connected on the other side (i.e. bathroom or fridge on other side of wall). A wooden frame may also help with this.

    • Reduce clutter

      • There should be nothing under your bed. Your bedroom is a space for sleeping and intimate one on one time. Sleep is a time to recharge and be feel at peace? Why would you want to recharge or feel at peace if you’re sleeping on top of all the clutter and mess you’ve hidden? Similarly, you want all clutter or distracting items to be out of view.

      • Clear, clean space is most ideal. Even seeing folded clothes or organized things can make you think about what other chores you need to do. Here are a few other items that tend to be distracting:

      • items that make you want to do work

      • fitness equipment

      • technology and electronics

      • books or reading material that is not used to relax/prepare for SLEEP well with brielle wellwithbrielle sleep health free sleep resources why you may not be getting good sleep and 6 easy ways to improve your sleeping habits

I had a lot of fun working on rearranging my home based on Feng Shui. There were so many awesome tips and this is the 3 I’m sharing about the bedroom. There are also tips on the direction to arrange your bed in, the right colors to use in your bedroom and SO much more.

Babes, this is a SUPER brief list and summary of all I learned about transforming my bedroom based on Feng Shui. If you want the FULL details, definitely grab my guide, ‘Using Feng Shui to Sleep Well’ by clicking here.  It details each recommended practice and provides you with a step by step guide on how to incorporate these practices into your own living spaces.

Curious about how you can incorporate Feng Shui into your bedroom? Download my Sleep Well Guide that includes the course ‘Using Feng Shui to Sleep Well’ by clicking here.

@CocoLilybeann is a sleep queen! Are you following her on Instagram @CocoLilyBeann ?

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