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4 Foods that Support a Good Night’s Sleep

Brielle Merchant

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4 Foods that Support a Good Night’s Sleep

Plant-based foods naturally contain hormones that can influence our mood, sleep and so many other aspects of everyday life.

If you’re not getting Good Sleep then read this article on 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sleeping Habits by clicking here.

Changing your lifestyle habits are the best way to improve any health or wellness challenge. Use the information in this article to support your lifestyle changes with eating habits that allow for a good night’s sleep.

Most people know that foods containing caffeine and sugar like green tea, soda, apples, and many other foods can add to challenges of getting a good night’s sleep, but do you know which foods can help you sleep?

There are foods that naturally contain important sleep regulating hormones like serotonin and melatonin. well with brielle wellwithbrielle sleep health free sleep resources why you may not be getting good sleep and 6 easy ways to improve your sleeping habits

No matter what your challenges are with sleep, it’s important that you correct them sooner than later.

Here are 5 foods* that support a good night’s sleep:

  • Milk well with brielle wellwithbrielle sleep health free sleep resources why you may not be getting good sleep and 6 easy ways to improve your sleeping habits

Tryptophan and vitamin D have both been linked to supporting sleep. Some studies show that this food works best when paired with other foods that contain melatonin.

  • Fatty fish

Fatty fish (containing less than 5% fat) are a good source of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. As a result, fatty fish sources like salmon help regulate serotonin which is responsible for maintaining sleep. Other examples of fatty fish include: mackerel, tuna (including canned) and trout

  • Cherries

Cherries naturally contain melatonin. 8 ounces of tart cherry juice in the morning and nighttime for 2 weeks or about 200g of raw cherries can positively support healthy sleep. Please note that studies show that melatonin amounts tend to vary depending on the cherry cultivator. More melatonin is likely to increase sleep effects.

  • Kiwis

This is one of the most proven foods to help you sleep. In a study, participants who consumed kiwis regularly were able to fall asleep 42% faster than when before they started to eat kiwis prior to going to bed. Based on the evidence thus far try about 2 kiwis an hour before bed for at least 4 weeks.

  • Walnuts

Nuts are a plant-based food and many nuts like walnuts contain melatonin. Almonds are also a good source of melatonin.

*Please note that it is not suggesting that you eat right before getting into bed. Instead try to incorporate these foods into your dinner or as the last snack you have an hour or so before bed.

What’s really interesting is that science has found that low consumption of vegetables and fatty acids can actually have a negative impact on your quality of sleep.  

Once again, we find that eating plant-based (lots of foods from plant sources) can help heal your body and also prevent unfavorable health conditions like sleep deprivation.

What do you think, babes? Are these foods you already enjoy? How are you planning to incorporate them into your eating plans? Check out healthy and delicious recipes on to get ideas!

Did you know that while you’re sleeping you’re body is actually healing?

Imagine your body as a cellphone that is plugged into the wall to charge. As your body rests it is also ‘charging’ and getting prepared for the next day. Make sure you’re charging your body well by getting a good night’s rest.

Help your body heal by providing it with natural foods that support sleep.Looking for more tips or ways to practice healthy sleeping habits so you can sleep better? Send me a message or check out these Sleep Well resources by clicking here.

Did you try these tips, babes?

Let me know how these tips and resources work out for you by sending me an email or shooting me a message on Instagram @WellwithBrielle. I would also love to hear any  of your own tips about what has worked for you!

Source: NIH

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