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Eat Well

Recipes and tips to help you eat food that is healthy and delicious! #WwBEats

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Eat Well

Resources to help you drink healthier beverages and eat nutritious meals that are delicious!

Eat Well Challenges #WwBChallenge & Resources

Water Intake Challenge

This free 3-week challenge provides you with printables, water recipes, and tips that you can instantly use to track your water intake and support your desire to drink more water each day.

Food Journal

Recording your eating habits is a good way to understand the choices you make each day. Are there patterns? Use the food journal to follow your eating habits, reflect, and create a plan to optimize the way you eat. .


Here is some oatmeal with flax seeds, apple, kiwi, frozen blueberries, honey, and roasted sunflower seeds!

well with brielle wellwithbrielle vegan plant based vegetarian healthy delicious tacos recipe free

Meals & Snacks

Here are plant based tacos from the Affordable Plant Based Cookbook!

Recipes and Tips from the Blog:

Kitchen Clean out for Clean Eating
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