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Grocery List: Vegetable & Fruit Must Haves


Grocery List: Vegetable & Fruit Must Haves

Brielle Merchant

I'm not vegan, but I do believe it's the healthiest way to live. Typically, I do stick to the vegan rules, but overall I'd say most of my meals are plant-based. I still enjoy meats, seafood, & dairy every now & again. My father's family is Caribbean & my mother's is southern. I grew up enjoying meats & cheeses with meals. It was weird at first to not eat meat with every meal, but it's quite enjoyable.  One thing that really helps me is having a go to grocery list. I've found that having favorite (see my favorites list by clicking here) or go to produce items is the best way to stick to my healthy eating habits.

Here are the produce items I always get while at the grocery store:

Bell peppers

Eat them raw or cooked! I find that the green ones are the cheapest, and have a general taste. Yellow, orange, & red bell peppers tend to cost a bit more & have a more distinguished taste. I love the flavor & color that these babies add to my meals. They are also quite refreshing & offer a nice crunch!


Red onions are my favorite, but I really do love 'em all (as K. Michelle would say). Onions can be eaten raw or cooked. Like bell peppers, they go well with anything!


Tomatoes keep meals refreshing. Eat them raw or cooked with your meals. I love to roast my tomatoes or have them in a salad.


Eat it raw or cooked. It's easy to add to any dish!


I'm not crazy about apples, but if you get them at the right time they are super refreshing & always quite nutritious!


Also, not crazy about oranges, but like apples they are nutritious. Both are also cost-effective.


Mangoes range in price but are delicious. They are my special treat when I need something sweet.

+1 vegetable I don't love.

This is usually carrots, mushrooms, squash, zucchini, etc. I force myself to do this because it allows me to explore new flavors. Also, I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to expand my list of favorite produce!

Did you enjoy reading this list?

Click here for a list of my favorite produce.

These are items that I love, but they may be costly at times, or seasonal.