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Favorite Oils for Your Hair


Favorite Oils for Your Hair

Brielle Merchant

Coconut Oil

favorite-oils-for-natural-hair-wellwithbrielle- pintrest size.png

It's wild to think that this oil has made the list. For years I despised coconut oil & could not understand why my sister, & so many other people were in love with it.

Coconut Oil 101: If the temperature is hot, your coconut oil will be in liquid form. If it's cold, your coconut oil is solid.

I remember my Junior year of college I lathered my Teenie Weenie Afro (TWA) in coconut oil for the very first time and ran off to classes. I had recently big chopped, so I was eager to try products on my natural hair. It was a crisp, cold winter day and my TWA was not only hard as a rock, but because I had literally left the dorm after cowashing, my TWA was barely curly. It was years later before I ever tried to use coconut oil again.

Today, this is my go to oil! I use coconut oil on curly, straight, wet, or dry hair almost daily. It's a great oil because it's very moisturizing, yet still lightweight. Honestly, coconut oil is also great for oil pulling, moisturizing your skin, cooking, & much more!

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Since the beginning of my hair journey (when I had used a relaxer, woah) I have always loved Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). This is a very lightweight oil. It can still weigh down your hair, but it does not change drastically with the temperature.

This oil is always easy to find since it's wonderful for cooking. Grab it (& coconut oil) at your local grocery store. I like to buy both in bulk. EVOO is not only a favorite for my hair, but I absolutely love to cook with it too. EVOO has great flavor for cooking & it's healthy!

Jojoba Oil

This is my absolute favorite, but I really only use it on my straight hair. Jojoba oil gives my straight hair the perfect balance, so it can stay bouncy, moisturized, & beautiful! Jojoba oil is more lightweight than EVOO & coconut oil, so I haven't tried it on my thick, natural hair. It takes a lot of product for my hair to feel well moisturized. Jojoba oil is really lightweight &  I haven't been able to buy in large amounts. I get mine in a small bottle from Whole Foods. A little bit of Jojoba oil goes a long way!

These 3 oils are my absolute favorite for my hair, but you may find that other oils work better for you.

Check out this list of hair oils.

Let me know which ones you like & why!