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Moisturizing 101: LOC Method


Moisturizing 101: LOC Method

Brielle Merchant

moisturizing-the-loc-method-wellwithbrielle-pintrest size.png

Are you struggling to moisturize your hair?

The L.O.C. Method always works really well for me! Have you heard of it?

Keep reading to learn more!


Apply liquid (usually water) to your hair. Make sure your hair is fully wet but not dripping.


Next apply your favorite oil to your wet hair. Not sure which oils to use? Check out this post about my favorite oils or this post that lists out hair oils.


Finally, add a cream to your hair. Some examples of creams would be leave in moisturizers, shea butter, etc.

This method never fails me. The hardest part is to find a really good cream that moisturizes your hair. I'd suggest finding a product that is made for moisturizing & is made of natural ingredients.

I enjoy using Giovanni leave-in conditioner or shea butter. Both work great for my hair, but I do find the shea butter to be a much heavier. In contrast, the Giovanni leave in is moisturizing but very lightweight.

Have you tried the L.O.C. Method? Tell me what your experience was!